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The casement window is the most popular style of window and suits every style of property and lifestyle. The REHAU window profile provides a more contemporary look and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. The frames can be ordered with a coloured external finish complemented by a white interior to suit your requirements. The windows can be top or side hung for ease of use. We offer a variety of glazing options. 


The latest UPVC sash windows makes the replacement of old timber sash windows simple. Providing an excellent opportunity to resolve irritating rattles, sticking and draught issues whilst improving energy efficiency.

The chance to alter frame, hardware and glazing can considered when replacing subject to any conservation area requirements.

The following additional options can be requested.

Trickle vents - These are air vents that can be fitted to the stop sash to control the ventilation when the sashes are either open or closed.

Sash horns - Can be added to maintain the visual effect of a traditional timber window, together with a deep bottom rail the change is imperceptible. 

Georgian bars - Give depth and traditional detailing, the Georgian Bars can be surface mounted or 'glazed in' between the glass panels.

Decorative glazing - The windows can be supplied with obscure or decorative patterns if required. Beveled, leaded and/or coloured glass orders can be accommodated. 

Tilt & Turn - This function enables the user to open the window wider during warmer weather or create a slight gap during cold spells. 

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